Author Topic: Which websites r the best for selling the handmade crafts?  (Read 4942 times)

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Re: Which websites r the best for selling the handmade crafts?
« Reply #15 on: February 15, 2013, 02:56:59 PM »
Re: StoreEnvy - I am not using this service like I would my Etsy shop, it is simply a place to put my online catalog.
I am not concerned what other sellers are on there as I am not trying to market via their MarketPlace (though I am added to it by default).
They just have a pretty decent shopping cart program - it is FREE and I can link it to my Facebook Fan page via a free App.
What's not to like ?

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Re: Which websites r the best for selling the handmade crafts?
« Reply #16 on: February 17, 2013, 12:05:29 PM »
You got that right Sewdifferent.  Etsy is so paranoid that they don't want any forum threads or links to your other venues.  They don't seem to realize that this will drive sellers away from them, and they will lose in the long run because of this practice. 

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Re: Which websites r the best for selling the handmade crafts?
« Reply #17 on: February 18, 2013, 09:01:12 AM »
I have put together this info about the top Handmade Venu sites... It may help you in your search! Handmade Artists is growing and you won't find better Customer Service anywhere!! But for those of you like me that like to not have all our eggs in one basket this could be very helpful if you are looking to open a 2nd shop

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Re: Which websites r the best for selling the handmade crafts?
« Reply #18 on: February 26, 2013, 03:50:52 PM »
that is a good list, OnFire.
your ad column is blocking some of the text. kinda hard to read.

from what i have experienced:

Luulla is another one. good traffic...some sales. but the shopping cart was messed up. it would allow customers to pay through PP but not make them put their address into PP. so any transaction through their cart would void my seller protection. and that left a great opportunity for someone to come back and screw me over later. (i had some one try once. the PP protection saved me). also, when i asked them to fix it, they blamed PP. i went to PP and they blamed Luulla. are you kidding me. O_o then the guy on the forums stopped answering my posts. well...screw that. permanent vacation..and i just found out they shut down my notice.

Etsy indeed is getting expensive. if you are only selling small amounts then they don't get that big of a cut...but when you start doing better money wise....then they start getting more.

Zibbet...i really liked that site...but 4 sales, all of them were non-payments. one did finally come back and pay when i threatened to cancel the sale in 24hrs. and at that i went on permanent vacation. maybe they will fix that someday and i will try again. def a bummer. i liked the peeps over there.

Craft Cafe...didn't like. felt like a waste of money. didn't have any stats. i don't like flying blind when it's my money and that does not make me trust them. also, someone reported me for copyright infringement..and they never told me what the "supposed" illegal item was..whatever..closed it down.

next was ShopDelighted, it is a pretty site. nice lady running it. and yes some do get sales. but it seems to be only the super cheaper items. the stats there never match my google analytics stats. and they swear its correct. hummmm... the fees are similar to etsy. i had a free acct...and i'm waiting for it all to expire then i'm done there. if it goes viral..then i'll try it again.

Artfire is too expensive for me...Ebay is too expensive for me.
Meylah...not impressed so far and they push purchasing their "business" products, uhm..ok. O_o

there are a few super expensive high end sites..and i have heard peeps do make sales...but i just don't think i'm ready for that kind of investment.

I also applied to Craftinest...but it is very new too. not sure if it will do anything.

I am crossing my fingers for here. when i did the figures..this place will only cost me $60 a year (that means between 2-5 sales to get my investment back)...and etsy is close to $30+ a month in all their fees. so this is a pretty good gamble for me, i feel.

best all!
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