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OOps, posted this in the other thread.

I love pinterest.
Here is my link   http://pinterest.com/formedinfire/
Gonna go reread the rules/insturctions.


here is my shop link http://handmadeartists.com/shop/FormedInFire

ME too!
ArtbyNancyPace my pinterest id
and my shop to promote http://artbynancypace.artistwebsites.com/

I'm not in, but I thought I'd post the shops pinterest http://pinterest.com/hafshop/
I'm not sure if it can be of use to you guys for this, I think you would have to be given permission to post to my boards. I don't even know if that is helpful or not.

I'm not joining by the way because I pin the shop and forum items all the time. I don't even know if duplicate pins will be an issue as I see them on pinterest  all the time. I do think we should try to follow each others boards and repin where we can when time permits.

We are going to post our board links here, am I right?


--- Quote from: beadthing on August 19, 2012, 08:48:26 PM ---We are going to post our board links here, am I right?

--- End quote ---

Pam, what you would do is post your HAF name, your Pinterest name (so we can follow you and invite you to the community board) and the website you want to promote.


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