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Aha!  Glad to know it's not me.  Also, if you click on the attachment/photo I posted & you're on a computer, you should be able to see it nearly full size.  That's no help if you're on a phone, of course.

yep - it is not a group board yet

I wonder who did all that pinning --- there are a lot of pins there!

I see what they have done. 

They have created a board for each shop that wanted one.  That will get the items there up to that point in time, but no way to add items to the board going forward unless permission is granted to pin to boards. 

Having one board there would not work for me without a permission to pin because I have various boards for the various kinds of items I embroider so there would not be one board I could choose to use.  I would need to pick and choose items from these various boards to upload onto one board that was designated for me - requiring permission.

I think they will have to decide how they want to handle Pinterest.  I will wait to see what they want to do.

You are pinning to the IBH borad correct?


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