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A Pinterest Promotion Ring idea

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Ok since there seems to be a little confusion....I did a sample.

I went to RiverRockArts' HAF site and found something I liked.  :)  This is what it looked like on the front page of Pinterest.

When I click on the pin, they will be taken to another page, which looks like this:

When someone clicks on the photo, they will be taken directly to the item in RiverRockArts' shop, like this:

@DianeShye - No you do not need to update or change anything on Etsy, etc.  We're going to visit your shop, pin something you've made and that should be it!

Does this help?

Thank you for using my vase as an example.  I had an idea for our pinning.  I was recently invited to pin to a group board.  After someone joins it, it would show up as a board in that person's board section.  If we did it this way, it would appear a lot more since all of us would have the same board on our profiles.  I have one called It's Better Handmade that was used for something previously.  Maybe we could use a group board with that name since Andrew and Kimberly now own that.  What do you think?

I had thought about doing a group board as well, and think it's a good idea.  We may want to watch out for duplicate pins though as we go along since we'll all be randomly visiting each others' sites and pinning items, so maybe just a word of caution on that? 

But other than that, another good thing about it would be that we'd all see what has been pinned. 

Do you want to make your board a community board, and invite us?  I guess I should have also asked for everyone's pinterest ids too!  I'll go back and add mine to the sign up post.  I can add the others in and will update the sign up asking for this info too.   

oh and ps, to be fair I've gone and pinned an item from each of the shops who have replied. :)  I was going to do it earlier, but was in a rush to go for a nice stroll with the hubby and the dog.  Here's proof (LOL).

Oh and one more thing.  I have seen tons of pins that link back to Etsy shops, or other stores for that matter.  I do not think that's an issue at all, especially when adding a price to the description automatically adds that little price tag banner right across the pin. What I HAVE read about Pinterest, however, is that they do not want you out and out using it for commercial purposes, so if you toot your own horn too much, I think it can get you in trouble.  So creating this ring was my idea of getting self-promotion by actually tooting everyone else's horns so someone toots mine.  ;)

I love pinterest!
here is my link. http://pinterest.com/formedinfire/

Going to reread the instructions/rules.


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