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Are you on Pinterest?  (Recently they opened it up to everyone so you no longer need an invitation in order to join!)

Pinterest, if you haven't heard of it, is a social bookmarking site.  You create a board, and then “pin” pictures to it.  These can be things you upload yourself, or any image on the web.  Other users can follow your boards, repin your pins (although I recommend clicking through and pinning the original source), “like” them just like on Facebook, and comment on them.  If you've seen an Etsy treasury, it kind of reminds me of that, because basically you are curating a variety of boards with all of the things you like.

I used to think Facebook was a huge timewaster as I get so lost in reading updates, etc., but I've since realized that I waste ridiculous amounts of time on Pinterest.  That sounds like a negative, doesn't it?  (Well, it is if I should have been working on jewelry, which is most often the case.)  But I know if I'm sitting here lost in looking at all the cool stuff posted on Pinterest, there must be tons of other people out there doing the same thing.  And wouldn't it be awesome if what they were looking at and repinning was something made by YOU!?!  I really see potential in Pinterest to get our handmade creations noticed, even moreso than Twitter or Facebook, which really only promote to the people within your network.  Every day on Pinterest there are people liking and repinning my pins (not my handmade either, as I haven't started doing it yet), and there are always new people that do this.  This is probably because you have the option to view your “home” page to see "everything" being pinned, or just the boards you are following.  You can also do searches, so people may be finding things that way as well.

So, that said....on to my proposal. :)

I'd like to keep it simple so it's easy to administer, and quick and easy for people to do.  Instead of putting people in groups, I'm thinking of using a running list.  This way no one would have to wait to be the featured person as everyone on the list would get pinned on a daily basis.  Plus, anyone could jump in at any time without having to reconfigure groups, or wait for a start date, etc.  Eventually everyone on the list would be pinned by everyone else, increasing your exposure to more and more people.  On top of that, you can connect your Pinterest account to both Facebook and Twitter if you like, which means even MORE exposure as your pins get some visibility there as well.

The requirement:  Pin at least one item daily. (By all means, do more if you feel so inclined! ;)) Wherever you fall on the list, you would start by visiting the site of the person directly below your name.  (If you are the last person on the list, then start at the top of the list.)  Then the next day you would go to the next person on the list, and so on.

(I also realize that people are busy...so the goal here really would be at least once a day, but if you aren't able to do that I'd understand, it's inevitable, and I don't want to be militant about it.   I would say that "catching up" then and pinning some items from the sites you have missed would be acceptable to me.)

Pinning:  Check out the shop, site, blog, etc. and pin at least one item to an appropriate Pinterest board.  (Note:  If you are promoting a blog, it needs to have an image on it in order to be pinned.)  A lot of people have “My Style” type boards.  You could create a special “Handmade Love” type board to pin to or something like that.   Pinterest is all about blabbing to the world what you like, love, gotta have or can't live without.  The idea would be for us to actively promote each other using Pinterest, but in a way that's genuine and doesn't make it obvious that we're doing so.  I want people seeing it to think “wow that's pretty I need to see that” vs. “ok I can totally tell that's an advertisement.”  So, for example, instead of posting something that says “Jane Doe makes really awesome hand-dyed scarves, you really need to check these out!” say “beautiful hand-dyed scarves, love the color – by Jane Doe Accessories”.  I'm sure you get the idea.  It's all about sharing what you like, so just say what you like about it.  (And including the shop's/site's name or .com in the description should also help promote your name/brand, etc.)

UPDATE! (8/19/12) We will have a community board to post to.  It is called "It's Better Handmade".  Those that sign up will be invited to join this board.  It doesn't hurt to post to another board you have (as mentioned above) but please make sure you pin to this community board at least.  This will be a good way of being able to keep track of participation.

If this idea works, hopefully other Pinners will visit the shop, repin the items, and make a purchase!   

Also, if you want to check what from your site has been pinned, there is a way to do that.  I used handmadeartists.com as the source in this example, so to check other sites just put in the .com of the site.  Check this link out and you'll see all the cool handmade stuff that's been pinned from handmadeartists.com.  http://pinterest.com/source/handmadeartists.com/

And if you're new to the world of Pinterest and aren't sure how to pin when there isn't a “pin it” button already on the page, within Pinterest click on “About”, and then click on “Goodies”.  There's an install button that will put a “pin it” link right inside your browser's toolbar.  All you need to do then is click it and it'll bring up all the images it finds on the page, so all you have to do is pick one.  :)  Also, I came across this good article last night about using Pinterest for business, which you may find of interest.   http://www.amyporterfield.com/2012/06/the-10-commandments-of-using-pinterest-for-business/

I also found this site that creates images just for the purpose of being usable on Pinterest...how cool!  https://pinstamatic.com/  So if you have a blog post without images, you could use this to make one about the topic of your post, etc. and have something to pin.

It appears as tho there is some interest in this since another member has already posted a topic about it!  I will set up another thread to get a list started.   Reply to the thread with your user name and the website you want to promote.  I can keep track of a list and update it as necessary, and just post it on the thread.  (And really the list will be created based on the order of responses.)  We can give people time to check out Pinterest or give this some thought, and if there are a few of us who want to try it, maybe we could set a start date in, say, a week or so?

And it'd be great to get feedback from everyone to see if it works and gets someone a sale, or if you at least notice an increase in traffic to your site or product views.   


Blue Highways:
Nice! Let me be sure I can pin without any troubles on my iPad since I will be traveling between Aug 25-Sept15.... actually I think I have a Pinterest app on it already so it shouldn't be a problem....except my shop will be CLOSED then....maybe not a good idea after all  :o

Do I need to go into Pinterest and edit the text for all my jewelry items that I posted from my Etsy store to put in the link to the store?  By the way, are you sure it's OK to publish links to shops, etc., on Pinterest?  I know that it's not permitted on Flickr.  But any photo I post from my Etsy store always has a link to the store, even if I don't put the link in my text.  That's why I haven't put the link to my store in my text until now--it looks too much like just plan advertising.

I think if you pin an item from a shop in HAS it adds a link, but only to the site. It will not take them to your shop.

If you click on a pin, it will take you to a page showing the pin, likes, comments, etc.  If you go to that page and click on the pin, it will take you to the source page.


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