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I sent out a newsletter the other day announcing the Handmade Artists' Shop Headlines. This is the shop blog not to be confused with the forum blog LOL. That is why we gave it another name :DAnyway it would be wonderful if we could get some comments going on the blog to show some support for our artists that are featured. Why should you comment? Well here are four reasons to start.
* It is just plain nice :D To comment and support your fellow artists.
* Everytime you comment your username is next to the comment thread, your username is linked to your shop. This helps in three ways, one your comment is actually an internal link to your shop. Two google will see this as an internal link to your shop and will give your shop more merit, sorry but that is how google thinks. They say wow here is a shop that has X amount of internal links, and here is a shop with just 1, well the shop with X must be more important.
* This one is obvious, simply put, you may get a sale from a potential customer clicking on your comment.
* The forth reason is helpful for the site in general. Google likes blogs, especially wordpress blogs ,which is what the shop blog is using. When google sees a lot of comments on a blog post it gives the post more merit and therefore the site gets more merit. This is good for everyone. That is why we choose to use a wordpress installation to handle the shop blog as google just eats wordpress up.So the long and the short of this post is to remind everyone to participate as it is helpful for not only you but for everyone as a whole!
The last post is here so lets start commenting :D

Commented AND added the blog to my Google reader.

How sad is it that I write the features and then forget to comment!

Started posting comments.

can only shop members comment?


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