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Alright I know there are multi-talented people here but does anyone do graphic design. Here's my sample..

Yeah I know you can tell me the truth, don't hold back It's beautiful I know. Alright fine it stinks. :P

This is the deal I would like to offer a forum banner contest and after we get a few entries we'll put up a poll and see who wins.
The winner will get a free at a boy or girl and a pat on the back and the right to gloat and say I made that banner.

The Banner will be displayed in the top window on the right.

1. Size is a standard banner 768x90
2. Text should say "Handmade Artists Forum"
3. Should represent many types of handmade crafts to show the diversity of our membership.
4. If you want to use some of your pics in the banner just remember it's not about promoting you but representing the forum.

So I challenge all our members to come up with something cool for a Forum Banner so that we can proudly display it on top of the site.
Post your entries here and once we get enough we will start our poll.
Hope to have great participation, but realize you have tough competition, my entry is definitely gonna win. ;D

Thought I would start.  Not a graphic artist, but played with photoshop.  Not my final entry, but thought this was a good beginning.


Great First entry, it's almost as good as mine, well maybe just a tiny bit better. My only critique is the pictures, I would change the pictures to show some more variety from the other artists on the board. I'm flattered that you choose mine and my wife's work to feature but that's not the intent to feature one artist but to show the diversity that has been forming here.

Anyway keep trying you have a stiff competition with my first entry ;D

Is Jeanne the only one who is going to jump on this.
Jeanne you may have scared away the competion ;D


--- Quote from: Chainmaille By MBOI on April 22, 2009, 08:45:35 PM ---Jeanne you may have scared away the competion ;D

--- End quote ---

And that isn't even my best effort.... ;D


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