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Twitter Ring Round Three!!
« on: February 27, 2011, 12:58:48 PM »
Looks like we're ready to start!  So here's a quick run-down...

1) On Monday I'll be posting a list of 7 folks for everyone to tweet about the following week.

*I will include their Twitter link and then the link of whatever shop/blog/etc they wanted us to spread the word on.

*Make sure that you're following everyone listed.

*If your shop is listed that week please promote the Handmade Artists Forum and let the world know how much it ROCKS!

2) Please tweet at least once for each person. Don't hesitate to do more... and feel free to RT others posts!

3) Use the tag #HAF so that we can keep track of how it's going.

You can go simple and just make your tweet about their main site. You can post about an item the artists makes and you love. Go ahead, get creative!

Don't fret if you can't tweet everyday, if you have to do it all on Wednesday at 3am... go right ahead. Whatever is easiest for you! This is good old fashioned spreading of love, so all we're asking is that you spread the love as best as you can.

I use TweetDeck for all my posts so that I can schedule in advance. I know there are some other programs that folks use and they can be really helpful.


A BIG pre-THANKS to our participants. Please bear with me as I try to keep this running... I won't be perfect.