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Basically if you have something that you are ready to part with post it here. Crafts, supplies, books etc. can be posted for sale, trade, or giveaway. Any details for an actual transaction should be handled privately by email or personal message.
I put this area up on our little forum so that our members could share their extra stuff with each other. For those of you with crafter ADD who have tons of stuff you'll never touch, time to clean out and let one of our fellow members have a shot.
Please post a new topic with details of your items and terms.
Thanks and let me know what you think.

This is a great idea! I'm sure I have some stuff I could part with. :P

I think you are trying to tell me it is time for me to clean out my room!  :police:

I consider trades on all my supplies in my Etsy  store  Me and Janelle are negotiating a trade right now.  Thanks for the reminder to post it here.  Happy New Year everyone! 8) :D ;)

Did it get there yet, Laura? I know it hasn't been but a couple of days, but I am excited too, LOL.


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