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First Scheduled Chatroom Discussion

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Since Andrew went and dared me again...

I'd like to invite Handmade Artist Forum Members to a Chatroom Discussion about:

WIRE Wrapping!

Thursday, May 21, 2009 at 7 pm Eastern

Any Members that have experience in this style of jewelry art that would like to field questions please reply here. Please be able to attend the chat session and spend at least 30 mins talking about your craft.
At least 3 people would be great to handle any questions, as always different ways of doing the same task can be helpful for beginners and even other experienced 'wrappers'.

In the event you'd like to ask questions to the panel but are unable to attend, please post them here and one of our fine artist will answer it here.

I will be in attendance and will copy the log and reprint it after editing of inconsequential info at the end of this thread.

I hope that this creates interest in the feature that Andrew has added to the Forum and use it to expand your crafting knowledge.

I have posted a poll, to gather info on what topics/crafting styles are of interest to our membership for future Chat Discussions. Find it here: http://handmadeartistsforum.com/forum/index.php/topic,427.msg2895.html#new



I got through an ENTIRE post without a goof remark... time for more coffee.

Walks away whistling...................... 8)

I'm sure one of us will be there-our son has baseball so a lot depends on how long the game runs....

Great idea.  I'll try to be there.  I may have more questions than I can answer.  ;D

If my teeny tiny brain will remember it I would be happy to participate.
P.S. is that 4pm pacific? ???


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