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Twitter Ring : How if works and Sign up!

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Well I'm at it again trying to figure out how to support each other. This is just one of my ideas, I figure lets start with one then move on from there.

This is the thought, we can kill ourselves promoting ourselves or we can ban together to promote each other. I have found that the more I promote others the more I get back, basically what comes around goes around.

Anyway on to how it will work, we make a list of people who want to participate and everyday pick one and tweet what they want to promote.
That is 7 tweets a week. If you miss a day do it the next day. If you want to do all 7 people in one day have at it. The point is that you will tweet 7 times in  a week minimum and while your at it make sure you follow them and visa versa.

Simple right?

Now picture having a 100 people in this ring or more maybe we will double it who knows but this will be good exposure for whatever you want to promote. I don't care if it is your blog, shop, or website.
Everyone will have their day and everyone will reap the benefits of those that want to participate.

The more the better in this one, and it takes seconds to tweet so it will not be a huge time issue for anyone.

So what do you think and who wants to join in.

Also it would be huge if someone could help with the list, my time is so limited that it would be greatly appreciated.

Wellllllllll.............. 8)

I'm in!

Ok, I dont really twitter so much as ping, which then twitters... so if that would be ok then I'm in.


--- Quote from: Haffina on August 06, 2010, 01:24:39 AM ---Ok, I dont really twitter so much as ping, which then twitters... so if that would be ok then I'm in.

--- End quote ---

Doesn't matter how you get it there, that's fine.

When I do my Facebook features, they go right to Twitter, then I fish around on Twitter when I can and retweet HAF buddies' tweets ...


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