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You know those badges you see that say I'm a member of.. or I took the handmade pledge ect.ect. well I would like to put it out there and have a contest to design our badge, so that all our members can put the badge on their blog or respective website to help promote the forum. Remember if your promoting the forum your promoting yourself also. We have been getting quite a few guests outside of our members and I hope some of you are seeing more traffic on your sites and in your shops.
Size? not sure ???
What should it say? not sure ???
What should it look like? not sure. ???

This forum is dedicated to the handmade artist and supporting handmade, so it should be along those lines.
I would like to open it up for ideas first before we put a deadline on the competition.

Some text I think it should have on it regardless is "Handmade Artist Forum" as that is our name. Then I think it should have a tag line of some sort in a smaller font like "Representing Handmade!" or "Support Handmade!" or "I'm a member of" something along those lines. Once we decide the criteria we'll open up for submissions and then eventually a poll. Just like the banner contest the winner will get a pat on the back.
I know I give out shi**y prizes ;D
Who knows maybe I'll put the members ad up for a week, but that's not entirely fair as all members do not have ads yet. Who knows I'll leave the prize up for discussion too for us to figure out.
I really hope to get a lot of response on this as it is different than the banner contest as the banner is only displayed here, this will be displayed all over the net on our members blogs and where ever it ends up. I personally have a whole bunch of places I can stick it. The point is lets think this out as a group of artists and come up with something that is unique and represents us as a whole. I personally lean towards simple so you can bet my submission will be simple. ;D

Anyway the challenge is on lets hear what you think and lets see what you got! 8)

Ok I'll start it off with my amazing creations! I figured 125x125 would be a good size to start. So step back and look at the winner! ;D

I know I know you guys are scared to compete with my greatest work of art, I even added color this time. 8)

So who's next trust me we won't laugh, we may pick but not laugh.


Where's everyone else?  Don't let Andrew's meager attempt win!!!!  hee hee


--- Quote from: Jeanne on May 08, 2009, 01:31:58 PM ---Where's everyone else?  Don't let Andrew's meager attempt win!!!!  hee hee

--- End quote ---

meager! >:(
That's a work of art! ;D
I know every one is scared of my greatest work of art ever 8) Oh well ???

I'm going to give it a try and attempt to design something this weekend.

As far as your *ahem* substandard prizes. May I make a suggestion?

Give the winner a nifty title... Like Badge Designer EXTRAORDINAIRE or some such. People like nifty titles.

I'll post my creation soon


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