Author Topic: Aspect Ratio chart from The Ring Lord, thank you Charon from Stygian Chains  (Read 3313 times)

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I was reading through Charon's (Stygian Chains from this forum) blog today because he had tons of great info for folks like me just getting into chainmaille and it was like he was in my head, especially on the article about aspect ratio (the line about math was your psychic moment).

He posted a link to the chart on The Ring Lord which was like a breath of air for me as I poke through wire, wire, and more wire, mandrels galore, and can I sneak in a butt-joint to make Charon giggle?

Anyhoo, here is the link to the PDF version of that handy chart which I'm printing out and putting above my work table.

Also, here is Charon's blog: