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What do you look like?

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Well we've been seeing a lot of each others work but I have no clue what most of you look like. So I'll be brave and start this thing off. This is picture of my wife (MakinTheBestofit) and I  this past Christmas. We are hopping to get some more pictures done this summer. So maybe I'll have an update in a couple of months.
So post a picture of yourself if you dare so that we can put a face with the name.

Good Lord Andrew!  Could you have least warned me before plastering my face online?

Ooops :-[
Hiding in the corner ::)


--- Quote from: maillemystique on May 01, 2009, 04:43:17 PM ---I'm 5'8" tall with long brown hair, legs that won't quit and weight 120 pounds. How's that? *snort*

--- End quote ---

I want to be you!

I guess this thread was a bad idea? Hey Deb drive the train back on the tracks.  :(


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