Author Topic: Etsy Seller Meetups, anyone?  (Read 14819 times)

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Etsy Seller Meetups, anyone?
« on: December 18, 2015, 06:18:08 AM »

We're doing a 14-city road-trip + Etsy meetups with lots of Etsy sellers in January 2016.

I was looking at handmade communities to talk to about this.. it's not a promotional event.. the topic for the event is Etsy SEO and shop optimization for handmade sellers...

The events are all free and anyone can attend these. We'd love to have you come and share your handmade story...

For info on the events + cities, please check out

Here's a list of cities the events are happening in:

Washington DC
Huntington WV
Atlanta GA
New Orleans LA
Houston TX
Austin TX
Dallas TX
Albuquerque NM
Las Vegas NV
Los Angeles CA
San Francisco CA
Sacramento CA
Portland OR
Seattle WA