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Well, this is our 3rd storm in a row in the south. This time we got heavy, wet snow and a lot of it. About 6-7 inches. This area is just not used to this nor really very well equipped for it. These are a few pictures  I took early this morning around our house.

My sympathies  :(! We haven't had much snow here in Michigan (well, at least not the part where I live) but we have had severe, severe cold.  Wind chill temps of over -20.  (Last Friday it was -19 without the wind chill.)   Last winter however, we got all of it: ice, snow, and severe cold.

Yuck!  Do you even have shovels?

Teresa, where do you live again?

We would not have any shovels for getting snow out of the walkways....LOL....nor do we have city equipment to clean the streets. I remember 1987 or was it 89 when we had ice and snow, about 4 inches and more ice than anything else. This city was dead in it's tracks.....LOLs

I'm done with snow. We got another 3 inches this morning.
Where is Spring??????????????


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