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Merry Christmas

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Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays from our house to yours!

TERESA !!!  I assume this is your house.....way out there, way to go....
I could not even imgagining doing that elaborate purdy display.........

Wishing you the same..... :D

That is adorable!  I love Christmas lights but we haven't managed to unpack them yet this year....hopefully this weekend we will get our house all lit up.

Wow, you did a beautiful job with the decorations!  One of my favorite things during this season is to take a night to drive around & look at all the lights.  We did it when I was a kid, and it's one of those things that's never left me.

Eric & I don't do outdoor decorations, just a tree & menorah, but I love seeing other people's.

This year, we got a live tree.  It's out front in a pot & Eric's going to make a pretty wooden planter box for it.  We'll bring it in a couple days before Christmas & decorate it, then bring it back out & plant it in the yard... then each year we'll dig it back up & bring it back in, then replant it outside until it's too big for the house & we'll get another.  We figure it'll be nice to have a row of our Christmas trees through the years along the side of the yard.

Now I just need to find my menorahs.

Yes, this is our front yard and my husband likes to go crazy for Christmas. I do the inside and it's much more subdued. I'm more into the "less is more" these days.
Although I am not even remotely Jewish, I love Menorahs. They vary so much in style and I love what they symbolize. It might be something to consider starting to collect.  :-[


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