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Thanksgiving at the Symbouras House

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Eric's been on a quest for the absolute perfect turkey.  He's come close on many occasions, but this year he had unadulterated success.  He's deep fried turkey before (great moisture, good flavor), and he's smoked turkey (excellent flavor, a bit dry)... so this year, he smoked the turkey for about 3 hours and THEN deep fried it for about 45 minutes.

PERFECTION.  It actually ended up not quite as pretty as some birds, because while it had an amazing smoky flavor, it was so moist it was falling apart!

And then after the turkey came out, he put in the stuffing balls to be deep fried also.  Holy crow.

And he made butternut squash soup with butternut squashes we grew.

I was in charge of the sweet potatoes (which I did for the first time, and got 'em right using my mother's very vague & mostly unwritten recipe)!

And... AND... I baked, for the very first time in my life doing it by myself and not as my mom's assistant, my mom's French apple pie... for which she's won first place!  OMG!

And I nailed it perfectly!  Believe it or not, that was more intimidating to me than doing Thomas Keller/Sebastien Rouxel's recipes from the Bouchon Bakery cookbook.  For real.


And of course dessert.

I want to try that stuffing since it is my favorite part of the meal and would love to one day try deep frying a turkey.  Looks like you guys hit it out of the park!

Deep frying a turkey is amazing.  I was so skeptical before Eric first did one for us a few years ago, but totally worth it.

And the stuffing balls go in after - they're killer.  I'll find out what he uses other than bread, carrots, and celery, which are obvious in the photos.


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