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Our New Home....finally!

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Figure I would start a new thread so that you all could see what we have been up to on the home front.

From the front, it looks tiny!  We are built into a hill so you can't see much.

But from the back you can see the full house

The property is beautiful....3 acres of trees and only the hint of our neighbors.

There is a barn in the back which is about to become my studio and a weight room for the family.  There is someone coming this week to put in the concrete floor and then we start putting up walls.

The entire house was painted an ugly yellow cream from the vaulted ceilings all the way down so I've ended up painting most of the house.  I started with the boys room, since they really need a place to hang while I tear out the rest.

Nathaniel was looking for "modern" so a grid wall it is.  Wouldn't have been back except his wall is 15 ft tall and I am not a fan of standing at the top of the ladder.

Spencer was looking for something different so he chose white walls with orange trim (looks like the inside of Home Depot!) and is covering it with posters. 

I am now working on the kitchen which I will post when I am done!

WOW!  Contgrats Kimberly…. It’s beautiful!  Love it… looking forward to seeing more pictures!  8) 8) 8)

I say… Come on everyone…. PARTY at the Kitchens!!!!!!

Whoa, Kimberly you have been busy....cant wait to see the rest of it.... :D

Love it!   I like  the boys'  choices.  The outside is so peaceful  and quiet.

Gorgeous, I love all the woodsy outside space.  You did a great job with the boys rooms.  Looks like home.


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