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Questions on Organic Skincare Products

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Alrighty, my mother and I are trying to start a new business (Thistledown Botanicals) making & selling handmade, organic skincare products and we've got a few questions. So here goes.

1. Does anyone know how to prevent organic body butters from re-melting on hot days or in the sunlight?

2. What is the purpose of the Stearic acid I keep seeing as an ingredient in body butter and lotion recipes?

3. Anyone have any tips on making organic sunscreen? We've been asked by several people who have bought our body butters & lip balms if we could do sunscreen.

4. Does anyone know of any good sites for purchasing different types of containers? We're having some trouble finding a few of the jars or bottles we want to use for our product.

We would greatly appreciate any and all tips, pointers or suggestions. I am also looking into officially training as an Herbalist since we are wanting to include medicinal salves, ointments and creams.

Since I do not make this type of stuff, I didn't see this post till now. I can't really help you but it does look like you have some research ahead of you. Have you tried googling your questions? I'd be very surprised if you couldn't find information/answers to your questions.

Unfortunately I cant help either.

However I agree with Teresa, once you start researching the internet, there is tons of info out there for you. Wishing you good luck ........ :)

Not just google.  Books are your friends.  It took a long time for us to research and build our library before we started selling.

Thanks. I did do more research into our questions and got a few answers. The Stearic acid seems to be used as at stabilizer. And I found some new sites for containers.

We've now successfully made 2 batches of sunscreen and have had our first sale! The person who bought it is a friend and she says she and her kids love it and that her boys actually ask her to put it on cause they like the smell. And it works really well on h er fair-skinned kids.

Still working on the melting issue but we think adding just a tad more beeswax will solve that one.

Found an awesome herb shop in Frankenmuth, MI recently and got some tips on supply sites from them as well.

We now have a website up and running, as well as a Pinterest board and Twitter account. Hopefully we'll get seen more now and that sales will pick up.


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