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As of last Monday night, Eric & I are real, live beekeepers!  We picked up our nuc (hive nucleus - 5 fully drawn out frames of honeycomb, stocked with a good bunch of worker bees, one laying queen, and some drones, plus cells full of brood (eggs, larvae, and pupae) and honey for them to eat) on Monday night & installed it into a our hive Tuesday morning.

Eric and I, by the way, are both pretty scared of bees.  Not sure who's worse, though I'm definitely more demonstrative about it.  I did the majority of the close-up work to install them because Eric wasn't wearing a long-sleeved shirt & was validly worried about the bees getting up his jacket sleeves and getting him.  I'm proud to say that although I kept squeaking in startled fear, I didn't succumb to my inclination to flail around and run.  I held it together & got them safely in the hive.

Then we had to leave them alone for a while to let them get situated, so we had our first hive inspection this past Sunday.  It went great - we both were a lot calmer with the bees, and the hive looks incredibly healthy.  The queen is alive and laying (we know because of the new eggs & brood - an egg is only an egg for 3 days).  And the girls were out working their tails off.  We saw some coming home with bright orange pollen packed on their legs (and cells in the honeycomb packed with the same practically neon pollen too.  And they're doing a good job building up the comb on the new clean frames too!

Can't wait for the next inspection this weekend!

More photos from the first inspection.

Wow... speechless......

Blue Highways:
THAT'S AWESOME! I'm going to keep bees in Belize...if I ever get down there for good  ::)

Looks like they are working to me


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