“Trashy” Contest – You Pick the Winner!

Our latest contest here on HandmadeArtists is a ‘trashy contest” in name only. The rules were simple:

Your entry must be made by you.
Your entry must include something that would be considered trash.

The goal is to make something out of trash and turn it into a treasure!
To enter, you need to post a picture of what you started with and a picture of the finished product.

The Winning Contestant will Recieve

The prize for the winning artist is $25 cash and a free shop for life here on Handmade Artists! And our artisans took this challenge seriously. Not only did they follow the rules to the letter, but they created some remarkable works of art! Now, it’s your turn to pick the winner!

Uniqulets, Jewelry By LisaRandom Commentor will win:

One voter, chosen at random will win this beautiful necklace, custom made by Uniqlets, Jewelry By Lisa and $25.00 cash to spend on anything you want from the Handmade Artists’ Shop! All you have to do is vote, and then leave a comment that you’ve voted!  This piece is entitled, “Heart Handmade Artists Bubble Necklace,” and is handmade from vintage iridescent bubble beads from the 1940’s or 50’s.







Here are the entries, listed in the order they were submitted:



TRusk4U started with a tattered, stained melon-colored shirt, combined it with some black shank buttons to create a wrap bracelet.










DragonClaw started with various scrap metals including copper, stainless steel prongs and an old pot lid and created a pendant.











Jolene started with a box of old watch parts which were melted down to create beads.












Uniqlets, Jewelry by Lisa started with a pile of vintage shade pulls and created a necklace.











RiverRockArts began with an old plastic water bottle and some wire and created a pair of earrings.












ldkeesee started with drapery scrap and created a necklace/bracelet/earrings set.
















SotocapMania started with plastic drinking straws, left-over fun fur yarn, and a barrette and created this hairpiece.









Gemlover took a broken cabochon and copper wire and created a bookmark.











MyEuropeanTouch started with a scratched/rusty silver tray and some broken plates and created this mosaic serving tray.










baisebeige started with a plastic bag, fiber thread, some lightweight silver-colored chain and discarded embroidery filaments and created a bracelet.











startsarts started with an old, dirty bottle and refurbished it to create a work of art.




















So which one do you think is the winner?  You can vote in the poll below, and don’t forget to leave a comment to be entered in the drawing for the beautiful bubble necklace!

Voting ends Tuesday May 1st, 2012 Midnight EST

You must be registered to vote. If you do not have an account please take 2 seconds to sign up for a free buyers account! Thanks





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