New Two-holed seed bead – Twin

Preciosa Ornela is presenting new seed bead called TWIN. The main difference is that TWIN has two holes which is unique and original on the market. There are more than 80 color finishes for infinite color combinations.

Twin beads braceletTWIN bracelet

Preciosa Ornela is part of the Preciosa Group, which is one of the worldp’s most significant producer of glass products. Its tradition reaches into 16th century. The boom of glass industry in Northern Bohemia is dated in the second half of the 19th century, when Czech glass became well known and established as first class quality product. Preciosa Ornela has been established in 2009 and produces mainly beads and pearls.

Twin beads bracelet

The exclusive Czech two-holed Twin seed bead is oval shaped with dimensions of 2.5 x 5 mm and it is available in two glass materials: crystal and black. The wide range of currently available color finishes on the two-holed Twin beads will inspire you to make infinite color combinations like the ones shown in this article, or at photogalleries on Flickr – just click the images.

With the new Twin bead from Preciosa Ornela it is possible to create unique spatial shapes, original structures, lacy designs or even costume jewellery. If you like to, you can become a fan of Preciosa Ornela on Facebook – where you can get some very interesting news.

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