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I’ve been dreaming of writing this post now for weeks and finally decided to get off my butt and write a bit LOL. Well do you link to your shop? That is really the only reason I’m writing this is to show the advantages of linking to your shop and products. Inbound links to your work give it more relevance with the search engines. That is the simple message in this post. Well you may ask how do I know this. Many of you own websites and are probably aware of this, for those who don’t , there is a wonderful tool called google webmasters. Google webmasters is a tool for site owners to give insight to how google sees your site and how your site is performing on the web.

So now to hopefully not embarrass one of our vendors. Teressa from Trusk4u is a perfect example as to why you should link to your shop from outside domains. Lets take a look at the result I received when I googled Handmade Artists Shop. Guess who’s shop popped up under the search results? That’s right Trusk4u! Why does google think this shop is so important to me. So I did a little investigating and found that when I logged out of google the results were different. So google wants me to see this because we have had many interactions with Teresa on other sites. But I knew there was more to this. So then I did a search on my google webmasters account for incoming links to the shop. Surprise, surprise, guess who was at the top? That’s right Trusk4u.  Now I know Teresa is a getting a whole bunch of mentions here, but it is a perfect example of why you should link to your shop from any where you can. She has even beat me as far as incoming links to her shop, granted we have concentrated more on the site as a whole than our own shop on it LOL. Anyway here is what I saw when I looked at the incoming links.

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Creating UTM parameters (also known as UTM tags, UTM tracking codes, or or Urchin Tracking Module parameters ) is a very, very important part of digital marketing – mostly because it allows you to measure everything you do and optimize along the way, at a very granular level.

Handmade and only handmade

Amazing don’t you think, and our very own Handmaden designs tops out the list! So where are all these links coming from. Of course I had to look deeper and guess what I found? Forums, blogs, social networks. So what I’m trying to say is, that the more you post on forums, blogs, and get involved with social networks the better your google rankings will be for your shop. There is one very important element here though, you need to put a link to your shop in your signature on whatever forums you participate in. We have a forum as most of you know The Handmade Artists Forum, and we have members there with hundreds of posts trying to promote their work and do not have a signature. I can’t believe it sometimes as I know how important this can be for getting your name out there. This is what I found when I looked deeper at Trusk4u.

So here is the proof, forum, blogger, other sites, individual dot com sites. So incoming links to your work is vital for getting your name out there and for branding your work. Hopefully Teresa will not yell at me for exposing her, but the example is perfect. Incoming links gives your shop more relevance in googles eyes and therefore will rate you higher in the search rankings for your shop.

I hope this article will help encourage you to take a look at the infrastructure that your building for your online presence. Go back and take a look at your blogs and forums you participate in and see if you have properly set up links to your shops no matter where you sell. You may be able to tweak a few things easily and jump up in the rankings.

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6 Responses to “Handmade Link”

  • trusk4u says:

    Hey, thanks so much!. I am flattered that I am an example of doing something right! LOL! You guys are tops in my book and I know you know that!

  • Very simple explanation, Thanks! I agree with Teresa….tops. Happy holidays!
    Teresa Johnson,

  • Way to go trusk4u.
    Thanks for the great post, I know how important it is to get links pointing to your site. But the link back to your site can be in your name though, like this post? If you click on my name it takes you to my site. Or does it have to be your whole URL for the search engines? I need to go back and look at my signature to. Thanks for the tip on google webmaster, I didn’t know about them.

  • chainmaille says:

    No that link is fine, when someone clicks on your name it does take you to your shop which is good. That is called an internal link which are important as well. An internal link tells google that this page has importance on the site as a whole. The article is more about external links or incoming links to your shop. For example it shows 188,000 or so external links into the shop. That is one reason why the site is doing well. It also shows over 200 different domains linking in, this is good but could be better. That is one thing that I’m trying to work on, but it is difficult as I’m just one person. Now if all of our vendors would link into there shop that will not only help their shop but will help the entire site as well. It is a process that takes time, domains that have been around for several years carry a lot more clout so part of building an internet presence is just time and there is no way to really speed that up. Sorry I can go on and on, it is truly a learning experience for all of us. LOL

  • WTG Teresa! Nice work! You gooooooooo! LOL Seriously… Well done, all you hard linking is paying off!

    Andrew… Great article! Good explanation!


  • lisianblue says:

    I’m not surprised that Teresa came up – she is pretty active! I don’t think I truly realized just how in depth these links go – I’ve got some work to do! Great info Andrew, Thank You! ♥♥♥♥

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