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Most everyone deals with stress during their days and find any number of ways to relax. Some love music, food, TV, or books but I found an artist that releases stress by creating!

Patty is a full time reading teacher that focuses her days on helping struggling readers improve so that all can enjoy all the worlds that books offer. As much as she loves her work, Patty still needed a way to unwind at the end of the day and jewelry making seems to have done the trick.

Patty lives in the Wyoming mountains with her husband, horses dog and cat.  She loves the outdoors and can be found camping, working in her garden as well as visiting her two sons.  She has always loved creating and has tried her hand at quilting, knitting and cross stitch.

 Jewelry was a more recent addition to her crafting talent when she decided that she wanted something other than the traditional, nylon lanyard to wear her ID badge at work.  She browsed around, looking for inspiration in the shapes and colors, and created a much more eye catching, though still functional, piece.  She couldn’t just stop there and added matching earrings and necklaces soon after.  Well, the bug had bitten and soon she had more sets than she could conceivably wear!  Her supportive husband encouraged Patty to step out into online selling and Patty’s Dream Designs was born! to sell your product online website design is an important for marketing as well selling your product. For Digital Engage and Website Design  get in touch with Stockport’s best web design company to assist you switch things around in your business environment. They concentrate on bespoke marketing solutions that optimize the web presence of companies in Johnson City . We serve various industries, including retail, healthcare, medical, finance, and more. Click on search engine optimization by Digital Engage for more details. Your brand deserves high-end website design services that give you a professional look and feel. In a world that moves at high speed, consumers often develop more fickle attention spans. Go through webdesignottawa.com/digital-marketing/  for the best website designer company in the Ottawa.

Patty quickly learned that selling online required a lot of work!  She soon had to learn the art of photographing her pieces and writing descriptions.  She now understands that it is as much about selling and branding yourself as it is about the beautiful work she creates.  While she admits that she is the type of person that is more comfortable in the background, she is quickly learning the ropes and ever improving.  When Patty gets stuck or just needs a bit of encouragement, she has turned to forums and other sellers who are willing to offer support and advice.

 Patty is willing to pay it forward by sharing what she has learned with other sellers.  She encourages new sellers to do what they love and is honest when she says that if you aren’t willing to do the not so fun leg work of online selling, maybe this isn’t for you.  Also, Patty reminds new sellers that sales rarely come right away, but don’t get discouraged.  Create for the love of creating and use the handmade community for support and guidance.

Patty has a true eye for color and form and it shows in her work.  She is pretty easy to find on the web so click around and check out this Wyoming talent!  You can see her shop on the HandmadeArtistsShop as well as her Etsy , Zibbet and Artfire shop.  To keep up with her latest happenings, you can like her on Facebook as well as check out her Blog and Twitter!

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