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Did you ever meet a person that was always working on one project or another…they can’t walk into a store without a light bulb flash of inspiration…or they take years of crafting experience in various mediums and combining them into one piece of amazing art! Every so often you find these people and I was lucky enough to meet just such a person…and the results are stunning!

Linda has dabbled in crafts for most of her life, beginning with macramé back in high school.  She also played with drawing and painting throughout the years but it was always thought of as a hobby.  Linda is married and a grandmother as well as an office manager for an accounting firm…don’t know…is an accounting firm a hotbed of creativity?  Guess that is why when she is home her husband will have to come to her basement “cave” if he wants to see her.  Linda spends her time crocheting, embroidering, sewing and reading…sometimes up to 3 books a week!  She currently sews for her grandchildren and husband who is always willing to wear shirts in funky fabric that she picks up such a motorcycles, planes, tattoo prints and skeletons.  Her grandchildren and those that she works with are always blessed with a handmade afghan that I’m sure become treasures to their owners.

Linda was looking for beads to add to a sewing project and was stunned at the variety of colors and styles that are readily available, quite a change from the macramé days of the past.  She was instantly drawn to them and started buying more and more.  Well, you can’t build up a stash like that without the pull to create something beautiful with them.  Linda was later given a bunch of rocks, crystals and a tumbler and the obsession was complete.  She has since worked with lampwork and glass fusing as well as dabbling in metal work.  She has a stash of metal clay that she hopes to find the time to play with soon.

Linda began by selling at a local bead store on consignment about 3 years ago.  The store owner was soon encouraging her to get her licenses together and expand, and LLRodenJewelry was born.  Since that time, the store has closed and Linda has moved on to selling online and at fairs.

She is free with advice to others looking to start out in the world of handmade selling and advises them to do what they love.  She always cautions that unless you are very lucky, things will start slowly but with work you will build a customer base.  Also, don’t sell youself too cheap; after all, you are putting your heart, soul, time and money into your creations that that is worth the price of handmade.

Linda’s creations are the type that must be seen to be believed and finding her on the web is a piece of cake.  You can check her out on the HandmadeArtistsShop as well as on Artfire.  You can like her on FaceBook and keep up her latest doings via her blog as well as on Twitter.  Once you click around, I have no doubt that you will soon be hooked and hopefully be the proud owner of a one of a kind piece of art from LLRoden.

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