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Gloria is an amazing talent that is never satisfied doing just one thing. In addition to working as a freelance New York City broadcaster and voice over artist, she has been a guest coordinator for an internet-based convention as well as doing the occasional job for comic strip artist Pete Abrams. Sound like a lot? Well, toss in expert knitter and bath and body care company and you have just a small part of what makes up Gloria.

Gloria doesn’t remember how or when she began creating, just that she has always wanted to taste this and try that her entire life.  She has played the piano, clarinet, guitar and then saxophone before realizing that she preferred to listen to a wide variety of music over playing it.  She moved into writing, which she still does in the lines of interviews and blogging.  She reads like it is going out of style as well as loves Dr. Who and Friends re-runs.  Gloria grew up in Dallas and has family inMexico, but she currently lives in the North East along with her Bengal cat, Rosie.  Basically, if it catches her eye, she is willing to try it!

Gloria is a self taught knitter, soap maker and fragrance creator and has recently begun teaching herself Portuguese; but her knits are what I want you to feast your eyes on.  Gloria prefers to work in natural fibers because, despite the fact that they do cost a bit more, of the difference in the wear, feel, touch and quality over acrylics.  Her addiction, um fiber, of choice ranges from baby alpaca to silk blended with merino, bamboo or cotton.  She assures us that there is nothing quite so lovely and decadent than a wrapping of soft silk and baby alpaca on a crisp day.

GloryC began humbly by selling her knit creations along side her soap and body care products at little fairs.  Seem like a strange combination?  Maybe, but Gloria is proud of her multiple talents and was happy to show off her knowledge of both.  She would get a thrill when a customer would stop and appreciate her nice fibers or some of her quirky color combinations and designs.  In the beginning, finding the right venue for her work proved to be a bit disheartening at times.  However, now, she currently sells at other fairs, online and in a shop.  Gloria’s hands are looking forward to a bit of pampering after the Christmas rush!

Gloria is happy to offer some advice to those looking to sell their handmade work.  The biggest, before you even start, is to make sure that you are making quality!  This does not mean factory style work…one look at GloryC’s shop will tell you that individual style is important to this artist, but one has to make sure to check every detail and if it takes a bit more to make a product right, then use it and charge accordingly.  Your customers will appreciate the attention to details.

What about those buying handmade?  Well, Glory encourages you to take vendors up on their offers to try, touch, smell and pick up their creations!  She is well aware that two hats can look alike and that the difference is in the feel.  Buying handmade is an experience and when an artist invites you to take a closer look at their creations, they have confidence in their work and would love to show it off to you.

Are you ready to see what this creative dynamo can do with some yarn and a couple of needles?  Well you can follow her life and creativeness on twitter and check out all the wonderful creations on the HandmadeArtistsShop.

So, if you are ever walking down the streets ofNew York CityorJersey Cityand a small woman with curly dark hair is staring intently at your knit clothing, it might just be Gloria of GloryCKnits trying to figure out how to make your outfit!

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