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What gets your heart racing? For Julie it is a pile of fabric in different colors, textures, and prints that get her excited to create!

A mother of two grown children and of a ridiculously spoiled cat and dog began sewing out of necessity. Julie was about 13 years old and needed a softball uniform, but her mother just did not have time to make one for her. What is a child to do? Well, in Julie’s case it was grab the machine and do it herself.  This project of necessity set into motion of lifetime of creative endeavors that has resulted in some of the cutest pillows I have ever seen.  So much more than pretty, square throw pillows, Julie’s creations come in letter shapes and bright colors that you could do so many things with.  In addition to adorable pillows, Julie has even played with cake toppers for you bride to be’s!

Julie is lucky enough to have a darling husband that, in her words, “let’s me make a mess all over the place when I’m creating!”  Nothing like family support when you have fabric scraps flying around the room, small pins on the floor to step on or, Julie’s other love, frosting from cake decorating on every surface of the kitchen.

Julie began making her darling letter cushions for friends and family (lucky friends!) and was encouraged to sell them online…and Cre8urname was born!  She sees them as more than decorative, but also a wonderful teaching aid.  I can see plenty of fun playing with her cushions while teaching letter recognition to little ones.  No little ones to play with?  How about you and your darling’s initials on your bed?  There is not limit to where these beautiful works of squish-able art can be used.  Look around.  Where would you like to personalize?

Julie has found a lot of fun in online selling because you get to deal directly with customers from around the world; working with them to create the perfect piece means a happy customer.  She also loves the feedback that she gets from customers.  I think that anyone that sells their handmade creations can agree that it really is a warm feeling to know that a customer is truly happy with a product you created with your own hands.

Julie admits that there are some pitfalls of online selling; nothing like a payment glitch to get your blood boiling; but she feels that online selling is much less stressful than setting up at market stalls so she is willing to tolerate the occasional hiccup.

Julie’s secret for success that she is willing to share?  Well, she advises anyone considering selling their handmade creations online to push yourself out there!  Nobody will ever find you in the world wide sea of websites if you are not persistent in getting your product out there; so find a good place (or places) to advertise and get there several times a day with your products.

 Are you ready to see what an amazingly creative lady can do with a stash of fabric and sewing machine?  Well, Cre8urname can be found on the HandmadeArtistsShop as well as on ArtFire and Quicksales.  If you want to follow her latest happenings and see her newest products, like Julie on Facebook.

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