Conversation With A Customer

Sometimes, helping your customer “make it themselves” will help you make the sale!


Customer: This is really nice! How much is this headband?

Me: $15.00. Would you like to try it on?

Customer: No – this looks really easy. Can I take a picture so that I can knit it myself?

Me: Certainly – go ahead. But do let me give you some pointers while you’re doing it.  You’ll need to fuss with the gauge of the yarn you choose so that it’s right.  Note that the headband is tapered, so that it’s narrow at the nape of your neck when it’s being worn, so you will need to decide how wide you want it both at the narrowest and widest part. All of the stitches are added in the middle so that the edge detail stays on the edge without interruption.  You will also need to figure out how many rows between add rows so that the taper is even and that the widest part of the band has a nice width to it.  That will be the part that frames your eyes.  Oh, and I should mention that you should be prepared for the price of the two buttons you will need.  I can’t believe the cost of buttons these days – the ones that I’m using throughout my headband line are running between $4 and $6 a pair.  And I’m using better quality yarn, too.  Pick a color you like a lot because you should be able to get 2 headbands out of the yarn or you’ll have a nice remnant for your leftover yarn drawer.   The yarn will probably be in the $5 to $7 range.

Customer:  How much did you say this is?

Me: $15

Customer:  I’ll take it!

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