Banners and Avatars

So your setting up your shop, maybe it’s the first for you, maybe not. The one thing you always want to remember during this process is how does your shop look! This is very important you need to look at your shop from a customer point of view. So the first thing you want is to add a banner to your shop. The banner size is 760×100 pixels and should be a jpeg file. It is very important to have the right size or your banner will not upload. Just go to my shop and set up to add your banner. Remember this is the first thing your potential customer will see. Then add an avatar. This could be a personal picture or something that matches your banner. The size for your avatar is 125×125 pixels. Go to my shop in your user admin and under the about me section is where you add your avatar. While your here add some bio info, tell the customer about yourself, let them get to know the artist behind the work.

If you’re new to this online selling thing and do not have a banner or avatar you can check out our own personal banner and avatar maker! Helping Hands Graphic Designs  is our only HAFshop banner maker at this time, their prices are very reasonable and I personally believe Anne will make you happy on the service end as well.Handmade Banners

In closing, it drives me personally nuts when I open up a shop and do not see a banner or avatar, and then listen to someone complain about why nobody buys from me. Well looks are everything. When we do craft shows the first thing we do is bring a retail store to the street. Clean and professional appearance are critical when selling your hard work online or at a craft show.

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