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Bummer.  But at least I'm not crazy.
The same is true for round leather cord.  I use a couple of USA companies who process and sell it but all of the raw leather comes from India or Greece.
For necklace making, so far I've found that only deertan and other hides are made in the USA.
Most likely, I'll go with earrings for this particular product since my pendants and earwire are made domestically.

Hi.  Does anybody know where to purchase Stainless Steel Pre-Made Necklaces manufactured in the USA?  For a project I'm working on, it's more important than with prior projects that I use All USA manufactured materials.

Specificaly I'm looking for pre-made 18" stainless steel rope chain necklaces manufactured in the USA.

I'm amazed at the difficulty I'm having with this.  :-)

Thanks in advance.

We're happy to announce that we're now offering MicroPendant text selections in Earrings and Stainless Steel necklaces.  Each has almost 3,500 characters of microscopic text in an area less than 3.4 of an inch! 
So now you can have the Digits of PI, or your zodiac sign, or the ten commandments, or other text selection dangling from your ears.  Take a look at the attached pics and come visit our Etsy shop.
Our earrings are either a gold plated pendant with gold filled kidney earwire OR our rhodium plated pendant with a sterling silver kidney earwire.  Different earwire materials/lengths are available.
Our stainless steel necklaces use our silver plated pendants, and currently we offer a rope chain and a box chain.
If for some reason you don't see a particular text selection posted with the necklace or earrings you want, just let me know.

Yes, I live in Abq.  I moved here from LA a bit more than a year ago.


At MicroPendants on HandmadeArtists we are having a 20% off promotion through Father's Day (June 16th).  All jewelry is part of the promotion.

We hope you visit us.

Our existing 2mm leather necklaces are unisex, except those with the sterling silver pendants which are a bit more feminine.  I would say about 40% of our customers thus far are male.

But we also now have thicker leather as well as stainless steel necklaces available.  Photos and product listings will hopefully be ready in the next few weeks.  I've been looking forward to adding stainless steel as a leather alternative.

We've been asked about other types of pieces, such as key rings.  The concern I have about key rings is that they take so much abuse on a daily basis.  The pendants we make aren't so delicate, but they are handmade and can't stand up to nearly as much punishment or moisture as a standard key ring.  That's why we haven't done key rings yet.

Next on the list is most likely earrings, with a pendant for each ear.  It will raise the cost a bit but we've had several requests for it.

Bracelets give me similar concern as with key rings.  Lots of banging around.

Custom text requests isn't something we're currently able to do.  At least not yet.  :) [size=78%]   We get a lot of requests for that feature.[/size]

In the next month or so, we're looking to release a couple of new product ideas.  Stay tuned.

Thanks so much for the feedback.  It's a good reminder to always be innovating and tweaking.

Introduce Yourself / Re: Introduce Yourself
« on: May 18, 2013, 10:52:45 PM »
Greetings to all.  My handmadeartists shop is up and running, though still rough around the edges.  But intentionally focusing more on our popular products, rather than how our Etsy shop showcases them all.

Please visit us wherever you prefer.

I joined a few days ago and am enjoying all the discussion groups.  It's great to see what other folks are doing - in between my sessions of shamless self-promotion.

Please visit MicroPendants on Etsy and take advantage of the 20% savings throughout May.  Use the GRAD20 promo code.

Our address is

For those of you who don't know (which is probably most of you), we offer handmade jewelry featuring photo pendants containing almost 3,500 characters of microscopic text in an area of 15mm.

Thanks for reading.

I get that sort of reaction a lot.  :)   But after it wears off, people enjoy these pieces and knowing that they're wearing almost 3,500 characters of text around their neck.
We also provided magnifiers if customers need one.

Thanks in advance for viewing this post.  I just joined this site, but please visit my Etsy shop in the meanwhile to take a look at our handmade pendants and necklaces featuring almost 3,500 characters of microscopic text in a photo pendant less than 3/4 inch.
We offer a bunch of text selections to choose from...the most popular being cool nerdy items such as Digits of PI, as well as detailed descriptions of Zodiac Signs being very popular as well.
The pendants are available by themselves are incorporated into a variety of necklace options.
If you have any questions, please let me know.
I'm excited to be part of and look forward to setting up my shop.  But please don't wait.  Visit us on Etsy!

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