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Did you get the site badge ok, by the way?  ;)

Hey Andrea!

Yep, I got the badge and it's on my site.  Thanks for your help!

Have a creative day!

It does!  And I appreciate seeing a guy who sews - outside of Project Runway.


Ha!  Good one.  Love the "Project Runway" comment.  I've not seen any of the episodes.  Sounds like too much drama for this old guy.   ;)

Yeah, me and sewing machines go back a long, long way.  I'm handy with several power tools -- including the ones that have fast-moving needles and foot pedals.

Stay tuned for more products to be added to my shop.

There may not be much listed yet, but your shop is looking good.  Good luck.

Thanks Lisa!  There never seems to be enough hours in the day...

Adding products is a breeze.  I appreciate that feature very much.

I'm planning to get more items listed soon.

Thanks for your comment.  I appreciate your support.



Larissa -

Thanks for the welcome!  I checked out both your shops --- wow!  They are both full of good stuff. 

I need to get busy and get some items listed.

Thanks again for stopping by to say 'hi'.  I appreciate it!

I think I would consider that an accessory.

Yes..makes the most sense to me to.  Thanks for the quick reply!

I was surprised that there are NO other tissue holders for sale here.  Surely, I can't be the only one making them.  If I am, WOO HOO, I have a corner on the market.  : - )

Hey there!

I'm new here so help me out.  Among other things, I make and sell travel-sized tissue holders (fabric).

I don't see a category that matches.  Can someone help me out?

Also...when I enter keywords in the search box at the top of the screen, there are some choices that auto-fill; however, when I try to search for them, the system tells me there's nothing that matches my search.  That seems odd (not right) to me.

Any help you can share with me will be most appreciated.  I look forward to selling and interacting with all of you here.

Michael Hawkins

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