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I'll start with my question:
Recently I've upped my prices due to reevaluating our work and rising materials costs (thank you precious metal markets).  I went to my second festival, at the same event a year later, and my sales were comparable but a little lower.  I'm having trouble telling if it's due to the pricing or attendance at the event-it was very well attended, but it seemed like slightly fewer people than last year, very hard to tell.

Does anybody have a way to gauge the effect of changes they've made?  My sales online are practically non-existent except for a few regular clients, so I've been focusing on RL sales events.  But I only do a few so far. 

I hope I'm not being too confusing. 

I have changed my booth display slightly, mostly made it more finished looking, and all I got was positive feedback about it. 

Thank you very much!

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