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That is really pretty!
I'm actually going against the grain here & saying YES to beads but not all over the strand or wire or whatever you would use.. just a few on each side up by the holes punched in the center piece. It would look really nice on some thick memory wire or maybe a thick silver-plated chain. Black leather might work but for some reason when I look at this, I picture it being worn with either a white or light-colored outfit.

Events & Promotions / 20 Percent Off, Free USA Shipping, and Bonus Freebies
« on: December 03, 2013, 01:39:38 PM »
Holidays Sale & Bonus in my shop: Use Coupon code HOLIDAYS2013 for 20% off your order. Any order totaling $25 or more before discounts will receive a free sample-sized bar of soap and another surprise/mystery gift as well. There is always free shipping in the U.S.A. :D

Site Support / Re: New Products don't get added
« on: November 26, 2013, 11:18:46 AM »
It's happened to me as well but I think the image was only around 650 wide, so I will remember to resize them larger next time.

Saving descriptions, or anything involving writing, is always a good idea.. Computers and internet like to mess up a lot lol.

HAF Hook Up! / Re: Kernersville/High Point/WS/GSBO North Carolina Area
« on: November 26, 2013, 11:16:08 AM »
my sister used to live in Hickory. It's a pretty nice town.

I know where Hillsborough is! I've spent a lot of time in the Chapel Hill area.

It's good to know there's other N.C. crafters in here :)

I will definitely let you know if & when there is an event planned.

My mom and I have found a lot of nice gems at a local mine near where I live (including a starfire ruby worth at least $300!).

We want to make some jewelry with some of them but she and I can't agree on what is a better method to use when making pendants for necklaces. She thinks it's a better idea and looks better if we were to industrial glue them into caps to place on top of them. My idea is to either drill a hole through them and have them wired through or to just wire wrap them. She thinks that would look 'weird and cheap'  ???  but I've seen a LOT of very nice wire wrapped gems on jewelry, so, I can't say I agree with her lol.

I'm also a little put back by the thought that the gem could eventually fall out of a glued-in setting.

What do you think works better? Should we just try both methods and see which sells even though the glued-in method might not be as reliable?

I use the spit ring types. Like John said, though.. they're hard to work with. I've really not found a method to use on opening them, any better than using my fingernails. There's a household joke here where my family says they know I've been making jewelry because my index finger nails are broken. They really do hold strong.

If you ever use brass, try checking out a shop called Fallen Angel Brass. I bought a pack of little regular antiqued brass jump rings, was scared at first thinking they may be too fragile but they have held up great so far. I use those in my brass jewelry because I've never seen antiqued brass split rings for sale in any craft stores & the regular ones I saw looked too cheap & weren't labelled lead or nickel free.

HAF Hook Up! / Kernersville/High Point/WS/GSBO North Carolina Area
« on: November 21, 2013, 10:39:50 PM »
I'd like to know if anyone here is from the Kernersville/High Point/WS/GSBO North Carolina area.

I've actually thought about renting out a place to have a sort of Craft-A-Thon where everyone can come hang out all day at a table trading supplies, making things, giving lessons, etc.. maybe even a soap making meetup.

Anyways, nice to meet you!


General Discussion / Re:
« on: November 21, 2013, 10:34:03 PM »
OOooOO I see a LOT of recipes on there. I love finding new recipes. It looks like a pretty useful site for many other things, as well. Thanks for the link!

General Discussion / Re: Etsy goes MANUFACTURED!
« on: November 21, 2013, 10:31:54 PM »
There's an option there to filter out the non-handmade items in search results. I use that whenever I'm on there. Yet I gotta say, it's pretty obvious when things aren't handmade (at least to me).. like for example a very generic photo and 'ships from China' (lol).

But yeah, it is disappointing they went the commercial route.

Jewelry / New Jewelry, Soap and Art Shop (Coupon Code!)
« on: November 21, 2013, 10:24:01 PM »
Hello, Everyone (:

I just opened my new shop here located at:

I have handmade one of a kind pieces of jewelry, original art, and organic soaps. I will be adding lots more soon, but have over 20 items up now. If you use coupon code HELLO2013, you get 15% off. Thanks so much for checking it out!

Introduce Yourself / Re: Introduce Yourself
« on: November 21, 2013, 10:17:20 PM »
Hi everyone (:
I just joined yesterday. I love the layout of the site, & how it seems to work well & has a fast server! The community seems pretty active as well, so that's nice.
About me.. well, here's the copy & paste from my shop profile. It's 10:00 PM here & i'm too worn out to type it all again lol

I create music, visual art, jewelry, and handcrafted artisan bath and body items.My music is usually considered 'dark electro'. It has a very sci-fi feel to it, incorporating samples from various sci-fi films and the use of vocoders to give it a robotic atmosphere at times. I occasionally sing and play guitar as well.The art I create is usually either space themed or geometrical in nature. I love drawing, painting, making collages, etc. I get a lot of inspiration from sci-fi movies, occult symbolism, nature, and astronomy.Jewelry has been a craft of mine for years now. I love to mix styles and create my own new ones which can sometimes look a little strange, but also intriguing and elegant. I'm sort of obsessed with feathers (if you couldn't tell that already!).My handmade artisan soaps are created with all organic ingredients using the cold process method. I make small, pound-&-a-half batches in order to keep the process simple and insure the best quality possible. The soaps have been tested on myself, family and friends for years, never on animals.When I'm not busy creating something new for the shop or writing music, I help out occasionally at a local professional recording studio called The Fidelitorium, am gardening, reading, cooking, or at the local observatory.

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