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Pinterest Ring / Re: Pinterest Promotion Ring Sign-Up List
« on: June 08, 2014, 01:48:42 PM »

I would like to participate.   I have been on pinterest a long time

Hi sorry I've been a slacker lately.  I've added you but I wasn't sure if you had been added already.  Anyway, you should get an invite to the board....and if it's a duplicate then please just ignore.

I'm not sure if anyone has been adding to the board lately, but I kinda lost track of it. 


Jewelry / "He Loves Me" Necklace
« on: February 06, 2014, 10:19:21 PM »
Hey everyone,

This is my newest design, and I'm calling it the "He Loves Me" necklace.  The flower is made from cutting and forming 4 individual petals from 16 gauge copper wire that was soldered, hammer textured, tumble polished, waxed/buffed and coated with a clear coat finish to protect both skin and oxidation on the piece.  I wire wrapped the center bead, and the necklace is finished on leather cord.

I'm currently working on creating a true collection now, after making jewelry for the last 10+ years and being all over the place in my designs.  Finally stepping back a bit and realizing I need to put some real thought into my little biz if I want to make it meaningful.  (Just hard to do that while working a full-time job at the same time.)

What would you expect to pay for this piece?  I have a hard time with pricing and tend to be too low.  I'm making "full" flower pendants as well as statement pieces with 3 full flowers linked together (if you look at my facebook page there's a sample in my banner image


Jewelry / Re: Tiny tiny little star
« on: February 06, 2014, 09:51:17 PM »
That is really sweet!

General Discussion / Re: Etsy
« on: February 06, 2014, 09:36:53 PM »
I haven't been around here much lately, but as I was reading this very well-written article I thought it might be of interest to some here.

General Discussion / Re: My jewelry's been accepted into a gallery!
« on: July 10, 2013, 08:33:06 PM »
Congrats!!!!  That's exciting news and I hope you do really, really well!  Good luck!!!!  You have every right to be outrageously giddy and excited!  :)

I recently got my jewelry into my first shop too!  Luckily it was super easy as my Zumba instructor owns an upscale resale consignment shop which I've known for a while (since she opened it about a yr ago) and I just casually asked her one day after class if she took jewelry.  She said yes, and it just so happened that the jewelry artist she had in for a few months was done and she was looking for new stuff, so it was perfect timing.  I happened to have an item I in my purse I had taken to work for "show n tell" and I showed it to her.  She loved it and said it'd be perfect.  She told me to bring in 10 items the following week (which was an OMG what do I give her moment).  I think at least 5 or 6 of the 10 items went.  And I just started making some copper pieces that I showed her, and she told me to bring a few in since my tray of jewelry was looking a little empty.  :)

On top of that, she said there's a gallery night coming in Aug and she wants me to be there with my jewelry.  Looking forward to that opportunity big time!  At some point I would really like to get more items in another gallery, a true artisan gallery, especially.  There's a jewelry store/gallery up north (in Door County, WI) my friends and I visit and it's my dream to have pieces there some day.  We have an artsy downtown area near me with several galleries.  I'd like to try them.  I'm just really nervous on how to approach them.

So you never know where a chance encounter will lead, or just a casual question!  I was so nervous that none of it would sell, so I'm ecstatic that some has.  I don't charge a lot for my pieces in general so it was hard to do the pricing.  I feel with the copper stuff now it's definitely artisan work and can justify the prices more.   

Can I ask what the arrangement is?  Is it a 60/40 split in your favor?  That seems to by typical.  That's what she has at her shop.  I knew I couldn't price my items to get what I'd charge for it elsewhere so what I'm getting for them is less, but I feel that the exposure is so worth it.  Especially with this gallery night event.  She's been telling people I will be there with my jewelry.  Plus, the sales of that are all mine.  So it will be interesting. 

I have an in-home show next week, the gallery night, and a fair in Sept.  I really need to pry myself away from this computer and go work on jewelry!

Again, good luck to you.  Keep us posted on how you do.  I share your excitement!!!!

General Discussion / Re: Learning handmade
« on: July 10, 2013, 08:01:33 PM »
I agree with could try a local college.  I know someone at work who took a metals class at one of our local schools and just having had that class she is able to use the shop any time.  That's a great perk.

Do you have any local bead stores in your area?  All of the ones in my area offer classes.  Also, is there a beading group in your area?  I joined The Loose Bead Society (of Greater Milwaukee, WI) last year and a few times a year they have hands-on programs at the monthly meetings.  Next Monday we get to learn 2 part epoxy clay - something I've been interested in but have never tried.  A few months ago we learned kumihimo.  Joining the society has been a great way for me to learn new things.  Hopefully there is one in your area, or maybe there's a small beaders group that gets together to bead.  You could check on  You could even start your own group!

Youtube videos come in very handy for learning new techniques.  There's also which has a lot of free videos and then others you have to buy. does the same thing, I believe.

I just started playing with metal (mostly copper) and have been having a blast learning how to work with it, solder wire, etc.  It's really helping me "step it up"! 

Good luck!


Pinterest Ring / Re: Pinterest Promotion Ring Sign-Up List
« on: June 15, 2013, 11:43:58 AM »
I'd like to connect:
GlobeIn- -]

Ok you should receive the invite to join the board.   Welcome!  I haven't heard of GlobeIn until now and I just went to check out the site.  Looks interesting.  I created an account to check it out. (Obviously you are looking to promote GlobeIn or products on it.) 

Since I'm adding a reply here I want to take the opportunity to reiterate to all members of the board that the Pinterest board was created as a way to gain exposure for our hand-made items and since over self promoting is frowned upon by the folks at Pinterest, I figured a way we could do this was by promoting each other and we would all benefit from some additional visibility on Pinterest.

I just checked in on the board and I see an awful lot of tu-tus posted and some travel photos posted by one particular person which is not the intent of this board.  The intent is to try to promote each other's products and not overrun it with one person's items.

The theory for posting is to go through the list of board members and pin an item from each shop so there is an eclectic selection and promotion of each other.

General Discussion / Re: Juggling quite a few shops!
« on: May 19, 2013, 12:23:37 AM »
thanks for the tip! i was thinking of creating folders on my desktop for each site, shop, item (organize it through thumbnails) but that might take a while. a spreadsheet would be good, but i'm a very visual person, so i would need to add some thumbnails somewhere hehe. thanks again!

I wanted to organize my jewelry visually, too!  I searched online for software, etc. and could not find anything that truly matched what I wanted to do.  In addition to being able to track my items with details and pictures, I wanted to also be able to create a catalog without having to create the same info in multiple places/software.  I eventually found this -  There's a free version, but I ended up having to buy the Pro version in order to be able to do the catalog.  The software is really geared towards photographers, but I manage to use it to suit my needs for my jewelry inventory.  It lets you add keywords to your photos, plus there are several ways you can add details and descriptions.  If you use the keywords or create a system of filling out their fields with your jewelry info, you can then apply filters that show you what you want to see.  You could set a cdode for each of your stores and then filter it by store.

Here's a screen shot to kinda explain what I mean about how I use the details, etc.
  I store my price in the "author" field, the length of the item in the "copyright" field.  The "description's author" field where I have "available" is how I filter the folder to show what I currently have in my inventory, so it weeds out the sold items.

Here's a link to one of my catalogs so you can see how using Zoner worked to create it -  It populates these fields into a template with the picture.

The cover, intro pages, etc. are created with word (actually Open Office Writer) but the "guts" with the photos and descriptions were generated using the Zoner software.  I use a PDF creator to combine them all together.  It can be time consuming, but it does get me the results I wanted.

Pinterest Ring / Re: Pinterest Promotion Ring Sign-Up List
« on: May 14, 2013, 08:49:43 PM »
LOL.  Don't feel bad Debbi.  If you check out the board you were not the only one.  :)  Be careful how much you self-promote on there.  They kinda frown upon using it to promote your own stuff.  That's why I came up with the idea to create a shared board to promote ourselves without it looking like we were PROMOTING ourselves.  ;)

Pinterest Ring / Re: Pinterest Promotion Ring Sign-Up List
« on: May 13, 2013, 10:05:29 PM »
Hi guys...

I haven't been around much lately.  My first show is coming up next week and I've been cramming jewelry-making in wherever I can to get my inventory up.  Plus, I need to talk to the lady again tomorrow - but I think I've just landed my first boutique gig, so I was trying to make some pieces to go there too!  :D

I noticed myself that I hardly ever saw any of my own items being pinned either.  Once in a while I go through the list and pin from everyone.   I didn't want to keep repinning items that were already there tho, so if there weren't a lot if items to choose from then I did end up skipping some shops.

Yeah,  our little experiment has kind of petered out.  Any ideas to change the rules to revamp it?  (I didn't think they were that complicated) but I noticed pins showing up from people not in the ring, some overuse of self-pinning, etc. 

Debbi - cross-pinning on other boards works does give some extra exposure.

I HAVE seen a few re-pins of items posted to the board from people that follow my some of them got a little action.

General Discussion / Re: Age
« on: April 06, 2013, 10:47:50 PM »
I turned 43 this Feb.  I really can't believe I'm 43 already!  I don't feel like it mentally!  But like Larissa said....not too pleased with this getting older thing.  Achy knees, sciatica, back problems, head doesn't feel 43 but my body sure does!

Went out to dinner with my BFF (we go back to 2nd grade!) tonight and we were talking about how we've found high school classmates on Facebook and both agree we think we've aged a lot better than some of them.  LOL.  And we agreed that 2 friends who are turning 50 this year do not look their age either.   Maybe that's just wishful thinking on our parts....cuz we're not too far behind them!  ;)

Pinterest Ring / Re: Pinterest Promotion Ring Sign-Up List
« on: April 06, 2013, 10:25:05 PM »
OK!  Beth I have you on the list now and you should have your Pinterest invite to pin to the group board. Welcome!

Pinterest Ring / Re: Pinterest Promotion Ring Sign-Up List
« on: April 03, 2013, 07:47:07 AM »
Erin, you're in!  Look for your Pinterest invite to pin to the board.  I've added you to the official list.

And by the way - what a great idea to sell your spreadsheets!  Brilliant!  I've got sheets to track my own sales, etc. but they're not anywhere near as cool as yours. ;)

Pinterest Ring / Re: Pinterest Promotion Ring Sign-Up List
« on: March 18, 2013, 10:01:53 PM »
I have a question...what do I do with Almano? I follow her on pinterest, and liked her facebook page, but what to I pin?  I don't see her shop.

I updated it with what I believe is her shop based on the links she has on facebook. 

Pinterest Ring / Re: Pinterest Promotion Ring Sign-Up List
« on: March 03, 2013, 09:17:38 PM »
Ahhh...ok that's the one then.  I think I'll remove it from the list then.  I usually forget which one it was so I end up clicking on it every time!

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