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General Discussion / Looking At Sites...
« on: April 20, 2009, 12:05:23 PM »
It's been about two years since I've really done any marketing on line so I've been poking around and looking to relocate myself. Doibg a lot of "myself" work these days, actually.

So, I find and enjoy it.

Then I find this place and so far, enjoy it too!

Ok, question.

I know a lot of people list on Etsy. How do you like it, why or why not?

Second question... what about other sites?
And Lord knows I can't name them all so please... feel free to add your faves/not so faves!

Artfire is one that comes to mind. Deviant Art, anyone?

So tell us, your goals for your craft and how it finds it's way in your place on the web.
For me... and don't bother. Nothing there.
My Space is getting too weird to continue.
I Twittered and just don't get it.
I've eBay'd and sold from my web site in the past. Loved it.

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