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NEW facebook ring sign up for summer 2013

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Ok folks...it's time.  time for another round of the blog / twitter / facebook ring.  I told you we would  be trying something new, and Pam (beadthing) and I have decided to collaborate these 3 rings.  I know this is a long explanation, but please read thru to the end. This is how it will (hopefully) work...

On a Sunday (start date is yet to be determined) we will announce a theme and a featured shop.  This will be chosen from the shops that have been faithfully participating in the rings, and any new shops that faithfully participate in the future.  This shop will be announced on all 3 rings and then the following should happen...

the blog ring, post a feature showcasing an item from the featured shop, an item from your own shop, and an item from any other shop (HA or other), all in keeping with the theme.  The featured shop will last 2 weeks, but there may be a switch in the theme after the first week (so the featured shop may get 2 posts).  Then return to the discussion thread and leave the link to your post (not the link to your blog).  then visit, comment, and share the other posts.  then visit the other 2 rings (if you facebook or twitter).

the facebook ring, the same theme and featured shop will be announced here.  so you can post your theme on your page, and then share the link to your post so others can then share that post.  Then visit the blogs that have been posted and share them also.

the twitter ring, ditto above.

Now for the really big news....since we have found that some of the people that sign up for the rings can not always keep their commitment, the rings will be "come and go", meaning that you are not signing up for a definite number of weeks or posts.  If you can/want to, just jump onto the thread at any time.  If you have a busy week where you can't participate, no harm no foul and no need to "make it up".  Pam and I love you all, but we are not your mama's and don't want to have to nag/remind you.  >:) ;D
We want to make this fun again, for all of us.  Just remember that if you are not "faithful" you may not be picked as a featured shop.

We have started these threads just to see who might be interested doing the rings this way, so if you plan to participate, sign below.  If you have any suggestions, leave them too.  And let's get back to supporting handmade, and each other.


I'm in!

I have never done this and am really confused at this explaination I am not sure I know what a "ring" is..for us who are new or have never participated can you please explain what to do or what a ring is?

Simplistic definition of a ring is just that a "ring'. circle of promotion.  The featured artists get a blog posts, FB posts and shares and tweeted based on the theme chosen for the week.  You come back to the ring forum thread and post your url to the blog and the FB and tweet.  Always use hashtags in your tweets so they can easily be found such as #haf or #has that way everyone can find them and retweet them.  This gets you promoted since you will have an item in the blog post as well and it promotes the featured artists everywhere and everyones twitter and FB friends as well as their bloging followers can share amongst themselves to people you may never even know saw it.

Does this help?

count me in too.


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