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The Theme will be announced and all can join in on the fun. The Prize will be a Free Listing on the On Fire Gift Guide and a Feature Spot here on HA.

Now you don't have to sign up to sponsor.. Just post your Highlight for the Challenge here!

Every Monday I will post for a new Theme and the challenge will run from Mon-Sun nite at 11:45 pm. The Top Highlights will be shared and the winner will be based on VIEWS only ... so the more you share off site.. the better your views and the more people you will bring to Handmade Artists!

so this will be separate from the other highlight challenge?  we'll have 2 challenges going every week?
just checking cuz I confuse easy,  :laugh:

No this will replace the exisiting Challenge :L) Rather than have people sign up to host we will just make it a HA Challenge and On Fire will Sponsor. The prizes will be the Gift guide and a HA Feature.  We can even have featured shops like I do for the Etsy Team.. that way 2 shops each week will get lots of exposure.. at any rate I think this will make it easier as no one has to commit and all can participate as there time allows :)

On Fire Handmade Artists Highlights Challenge - 
With Spring tapping at our window panes and so close we can just about touch it I thought it would be fun to create a challenge filled with spring colors... so this weeks First On Fire Highlight Challenge theme will be bright colors ......

Please be sure to put HHC Spring In your title so I know you are participating in the Challenge...  This will run from today until Sunday night at midnight. The Highlight with the most views will receive a free listing on the On Fire for Handmade Gift Guide and featured spot on the HA Blog! - Be sure to share your Highlight here too so I don't miss anyone.. :)

Happy Creating!!

HHC Spring, here is mine......Monika

Enjoy all the fresh colors popping up after a long winters sleep and rest....



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