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The scoop on Copy Rights
« on: January 24, 2013, 12:38:29 PM »
Hi everyone,  I just joined and set up a shop,  nothing listed as of yet but I am working on it.  Having been on a glass bead forum many years this topic comes up a lot with newbies.   COPYRIGHTS
 I have been browsing the shops here and noticed one shop stated she had copyright laws on a bracelet with glass beads,  and went so far as to state she would go after any copycats with the full extent of the law backing her up.  Unfortunately that sentence showed me that she did not fully understand copyright/patent laws or how many bracelet designs just like hers were already out there. 
Here is a link so everyone will know that the most you could probably copyright is the photo you took without going out and actually getting a patent.    If you are going for a patent by proving yours was the first ever be aware that the burden of proof is on you and it is a daunting task especially for jewelry and beads and tutorials.   Copyrights and patents are time consuming and expensive.  They are even more time consuming and expensive to enforce.
 I have been around on these types of sites a long time and know that people get their feelings hurt when they see copies of their great ideas that they believe are truly unique to them and copies show up the next day or a few days later.  It happens to all of us.  There isn't really much you can do,  it is a fact of selling on the internet.
Here is the link:  Straight from the United States Copyright Offices
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