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Facebook Member Spotlight Fall 2012

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Hi everyone, we are going to do this spotlight again.  We will do it just a bit different from last time.  Rather than separate into groups, I would like to try to do it similarly to the Twitter ring.

Sign up to participate and then when I have enough people on the list, I will post the list in a separate thread entitled "FB Spotlight List" on the Facebook Member Spotlight Board. 

We will then each Take the name above our own and on your own facebook fan page , or personal page if you don't have a fan page, create a post about the member being spotlighted.  Don't forget to tag the member you are spotlighting in your post like this (@abeadthing) or whoever you are posting about.  This will direct readers to that member with a simple click on the highlighted members name.

Because facebook posts move so fast and people are on at various times during the day, I recommend a post at three different times a day for a week. I know this seems like a lot, but we are all on facebook anyway, so it should not be too difficult to manage. If you can't, then at least once at a time when your facebook page has the most traffic.  Upload a photo from the members shop or photos on their own page if you like to bring attention to your post.

Recommended times for posting are 1) mid-morning 10am-12) 2) mid-afternoon 2pm-4pm 3) evening 7pm-9pm).  These seem to be the times that there are the most people on the pages

Please respond to this thread if you are interested or if you have any questions. Be sure when you sign up you give me your facebook fan page or personal page url so that we will be able to click and post.   Once I receive enough responses, I will post the list and we can get started.  This should help us all for the holiday season.  So let's get facebooking.

Thanks. and I will sign up now.


Happy facebooking!!!!!!!!! 8)


Please also "like" the persons fan page and tag it with your own fan page name example (liked from @abeadthing)  everyone should 'like' your page in return, this will enable us to continue to share each other for more promotion long term. 


I would like to sign up for Facebook Member Spotlight Fall 2012. LadyFaithJewelry


--- Quote from: LadyFaithJewelry on October 01, 2012, 03:06:47 PM ---I would like to sign up for Facebook Member Spotlight Fall 2012. LadyFaithJewelry

--- End quote ---
Is LadyFaithJewelry your FB fan page?

Thanks for doing this, Pam.  I am going to sit out this round.  I am afraid that I just wouldn't be able to honor the commitment.

I'm interested in signing up. My fan page is https://www.facebook.com/pages/Lil-Bit-Sassy/110420398220

Rhonda at Lil' Bit Sassy


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