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I am having trouble with the blog-help please?

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I can't post pics, or get back to edit, I can't even toggle the screen out of my way. did I break it? I have not been writing my post like I should, I am trying to catch up to myself. I am not sure if my problem is the name change, I did write as Nancy's Wild Wire , and am using, or trying to use Art by Nancy Pace.
Anyway, I have my post in drafts, and want to add the media before I send it for review.

I have the same problem.  I send Andrew my text as a word document, then upload the pictures to the gallery and he puts them together and publishes my blog.


Thanks John! Now how do I put pics in the gallery? ???

In Handmade Artists, click on the Blog link, then in the Departments list to the left, you will see HAF Gallery, open that and upload your images, you will be able to see mine there also.


Another person mentioned the same thing beside John, but she was able to upload pics fine. This is strange, but you can either do what John said or just email me the entire post and attach the pictures.


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