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My turn to beg for votes!

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Now Fabric of my Mind has made it into the Great Finds contest!!!  It's my .pdf pattern & tutorial for the busy book I made my nephew.  Remember that one?

Anyway, please vote for me here:  http://madeformebyoaklie.com/greatfinds.html

This was one of the pages for the busy book:

Remember, you're not looking for Reef Botanicals - you're looking for Fabric of my Mind!

Voted!  can you  vote more than once?

I think maybe from different computers, but that's it.  I tried to do it from different browsers when it was other HAF members, but it didn't seem to work.

Oh, how exciting!!!!  I voted, and you're in the lead!  I also tweeted (for what that's worth), but I'm linking your info to my Etsy team.

Good luck!!!!  How fun!!!

Voted for you!  There appears to also be another HAF member in the running if Crochet Hooked is the same one as sells here.

Seems like it would be more equitable if the collection was more homogenous.  Like in contest with similar items, not just similar colors.  But whateva! LOL


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