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Are You On Fire for Handmade?

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On Fire for Handmade is a website dedicated to Handmade Artisans world wide! Come Join us... events, contests, features and more!
http://onfireforhandmade.com We have an Etsy Team and a Facebook Group! All handmade artisans are always welcome!

We Promote Handmade Artists shops too!

Welcome to our little corner of madness!

Just so our members know, we are planning on cross promoting with all three sites to really get your work out there so HAF, Its Better Handmade, and On Fire for Handmade will be pushing your products.

Glad to see you finally posting Anne, considering you joined in 2009 LOL
Personally anything to support handmade is good in my opinion :D

Sounds like a very good thing to me!!!!

You may not always see me but...
I'm there
I'm here
I'm everywhere.


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