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I would like to help out. :D

I could handle a post a month :)

I'll give it a whirl... Count me in. ;o)

 :) that's me raising my hand!!!  But, I gotta get home and get settled in a bit before I can get much going - come bonk me over the head if I forget to get back to you in a week or so ok!  I'm heading home Monday - but need some time to get things back in order!!  Great idea guys!!!

So glad to have some volunteers. Not sure but I think we might wait till the merge to start this although it really doesn't matter either way. Because everything is going to get moved so it's not like something will get lost.
What we need from everyone is a bio, and a pic of the you, any relevant links to you.
The idea is we will have a contributor page with everyone on it, a little blurb about the contributors and a link to the full bio of each contributor. Maybe a few pics would be better. Your best pics, like a product pic, logo if you have one, and pic of you for the full bio page.
Don't post them here, just email us.
We'll start putting together the contributors page, and make sure everyone has proper permissions on the blog. Now permissions may need to be edited again after the merge not sure.


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