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We also have NancysWildWireArt who contacted me privately.
Looks like everyone here with the exception of craftedroots is a member of the shop. Now we'll work that out as she doesn't have to be a seller just registered as a buyer, but the site changes coming I wouldn't bother registering if you haven't already crafted, we should have an integrated login eventually and this will not be an issue.
Kimberly is working our our bio, I have received one from Larissa as well. I don't think I have anyone else yet. So get me your bios when you get a sec, include pictures of your work and a picture of yourself. We want to make this a personal look into our contributors.

Now saying all that and with the impending merge of the forum blog into the shop blog all will be one soon enough. So we are going to move forward with setting this up on the current shop blog as it is not going to change just move to a new domain and everything with it.
I need to play with privledges on the blog to figure out exactly how it is going to work. It should be as simple as changing individual permissions.
There will be some guidelines for posting as well.
The issue is that right now we have it set up that all new posts go to the front page of the shop. If we don't want it on the front page we go to the last published post and just hit update and it goes to the front page. Honestly we want to have a bit of control over the front page. Some posts do not belong on the front page. All the post I've written on selling tips did not make it to the front page for more than a couple of seconds.

What we'll probably do is just keep new posts from our contributors and put them into moderation. That way we can check before publishing as we move along this may change as everyone becomes comfortable.
Some of you may be familiar with this but wordpress has a featured image function. For our purposes the featured image should be the first one in your post. So please keep this in mind when picking your images. When you upload your image you'll see a place to make this your featured image. The size of the first image needs to be 350pix by 220pix, this is the size of the image on the front page of the shop which shows the latest blog post. So if there is a chance that your post will make it to the front page of the shop, the first image and content of the post will be critical. We've just been posting feature there, but we have no issues posting other content as well, just keep in mind that the shop is just that a shop and we need to keep that in mind with what we put on the front page.

Anyway as we move along I'm sure everyone will get the hang of things and once a month is plenty of time to formulate your post. We will be there to help as well. I'm excited about having set contributors, this will help give the site some diversity as Kimberly and I have been the only one doing the writing so far.

So lets get some bio's going!!

I set up everyone so far as an Author, you will be able to set up posts and when done you just submit it for moderation. To get to the admin area of the blog you need to be logged into to the shop or you can login here on this screen Regardless of where you login in you need to go to the above link to reach the dashboard.
So you can login and play or set up posts if you want. We will set up the contributors page soon as we get more bios.
Thanks and let me know if you have any questions.

 :o :o :o  Oopsie!  Forgot about the Bio's   :o :o :o

I'll work on it this week ;o)  Thanks for the reminder!

Yikes - a bio and a pic? that's going to be the hard part! hehe, oh seriously, I will try to get this done asap - but it may take until next week - unless I can use a pic of me that's about 15 yrs old!

Okay, the bio and pic are much more intimidating than the pieces.  I will get to it asap.  The picture will be either 1 1/2 or 12 years old.  The one on the forum at the moment is 12 years old.


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