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We are looking for a few good people! Who can write and be regular monthly contributors to the Handmade Artists BlogWe have tried this so many times, we get a couple here  and there who have helped over the years, but then drop off. The thought this time is not ask for 2 people to do it all but get like 30, if possible, to sign up for one post a month.There will be an area on the blog, called contributors, each author will have a bio about them linked to the contributor page. This way you can list all your links to your shops and have a pic of your self ect. This is the concept and we are looking for volunteers that are willing to put up a monthly post on handmade. Just as long as your post has something to do about the handmade industry it is fine. You can write about tutorials, features, business tips, suppliers, the sky is the limit.
So who is in?

I'm in.

I'll take a swing at it.

I'm in.

3 is a great start, this will move forward but may take a bit to get started. We need a bio from everyone and a personal photo of you. Kimberly is working on our bio so hopefully we will have an example up so everyone can get an idea of what it will look at. This will be a pretty powerful blog when everything is all merged so I think it good you guys are getting in on the ground floor with this, new idea. I think it will be a hot spot and the place to be eventually.


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