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Hey ya'll! I read a great article on why you should not be a "blurker" (blog lurker), and what you can do if you are a blurker. :) A great reminder for all of us!

She makes some good points. That what drives me crazy on the HAFblog. Try to feature people and get few comments, its not helping the readers or the blog. We even opened the blog up so people could post their own posts as well as the community aspect and it is just not getting a lot of attention. Can't figure it out. I do lurk other places so I can't say to much.

When you click on any HAF Blog post, at the bottom there shows a big empty box with "Leave a Comment" above it.  It doesn't get much more inviting than that.

totally guilty... new to blogging,  can't figure out HOW to comment (some are hidden...others too many requirements to bother, etc.), and good many can you  Nice article tho.  I commented on it.  ;)

Great info, thank you for sharing this! I don't read blogs too much, but when I do I'll definitely remember to comment next time :)


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