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Want to Join (Membership Requirements)
« on: April 20, 2009, 08:01:08 PM »
Requirements to join are simple you have to love handmade.
All handmade artists are welcome to join and show off their stuff, get ideas and suggestions, we even have a few critiques running around.
Although this forum is for handmade artists such as jewelers, crafters, chainmaillers, painters and the like lovers of handmade are welcome too. If you want to tell these artists what you think about their work then let them know and leave a comment on their post. We all need encouragement to keep creating, there are so many chain stores out there selling there wares for next to nothing and the handmade artist really has to struggle to keep up. We can't make thousands of an item in a large factory, some of our items we can't even make two as a lot of our items are one of kind. Some of the items we replicate and try to recreate the original but we still can't compete with the mass produced.

So if you are a guest browsing by leave a comment of encouragement to these artists. What you can't post? Well sorry this isn't a leave a quick comment and run type of place you need to register. It takes two seconds and an email address, none of your information is shared or sold or whatever those spam artists do. But before you register make sure you are not Spam, look at yourself, be honest now, if you decided you are not spam then log in and leave a comment. Then run, run fast.

Just kidding some of us have a sense of humor. We do want to hear what you have to say and we will be sending out a weekly or biweekly or monthly or whenever I get to it newsletter to keep our members up to date about whats going on.
Thanks for Stopping By,
Handmade Artists Forum
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