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While I was photographing my newest pair of socks, I decided to do something a bit different and take a picture that included the sock actually being handled.  I like it, but I tend to be overly optimistic when I try new things.

If you could, could you take a look at this listing and see what you think of the first picture?  Does it add anything or would it be better to stick with item only shots?  I'll be retaking these pictures later because I'm not happy with the majority of them, so I figured I'd ask before that. :)

Honestly, the color is good and everything, but with the closeup, I can't tell what's what with the hand, and I'm the type to sit there trying to figure out what body part I'm looking at rather than pay attention to the item being sold.  So it's a little distracting.

OMG, I just realized it was two hands putting the sock onto a foot.  Sheesh, I'm slow.  I'd maybe zoom out a hair, or have the sock higher up the ankle.

Personally, I like the sock-only shots. Maybe I'm a little biased, because I am easily grossed out by feet. ;D

Also, a little side question, do you make your socks out of anything other than wool?

LMAO!  I guess that says it all! 

I'll try zooming out a bit when I reshoot and see what I get.  Maybe slightly angled to the side with my foot pointing down will make it look more obviously like foot in sock.

CraftedRoots, yeah, lots of people are freaky about feet (me included!).  As for materials, I use cashmere, wool, alpaca, acrylic/wool, but have a few cotton and cotton blends not listed.  I do have one pair of vegan tabi listed, and really need to get working on expanding that!  I tend to use natural fibers because the perceived cost of wool, etc., tends to make it easier for people to justify a $30+ pair of socks.


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