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What are you doing to stand out?


Elena Adams Designs:
This is mostly out of curiosity, because I've been trying to figure out a new plan of attack, and I'd love to see what creative things you've come up with.

What are you doing to stand out on the internet? With thousands upon thousands of craft artists, how do you get seen?

I'm specifically talking about your online strategy, so don't say craft fairs and approaching stores. I'm also not necessarily referring to Etsy or Artfire techniques like posting daily (lots of us don't have accounts there and have to find other ways to get people to our sites).

Here are some things I'm doing:

* Offering to do guest posts on other blogs or providing gift certificates for giveaways
* Sending emails to fashion bloggers
* Making tutorial videos to inspire other hobbyists
* Slowly trying to get back into the habit of participating in forums
It's hard to see a lot of return on these and the literature and other forums tend to apply to businesses that have a small number of products that they produce in mass. What brilliant things have you hit on that you want to share or brag about?

I blog, facebook, and tweet like crazy.

We're also going to be sending samples of our stuff to some blogger product reviewers who have lots of followers.  Easier to do with soap than jewelry, I imagine.


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